Comparisons Charts

Compare two or more securities. The price plot is automatically re-based as you zoom, scroll or resize the chart. The legend displays percentage performance as well as the price.

Adding an instrument for comparison

  • Click on the Compare button, and a window will appear.
  • Type the symbol or name of the instrument into the text box.
  • A popup will appear with a list of suggested instruments to select from.
  • Select the instrument that you would like to add as a comparison instrument.

The comparison prices will begin loading and soon you should see the comparison prices re-based and plotted.

Remove a comparison instrument

  • Click on the compare button, and a window will appear with a list of all the comparison instruments currently in the chart.
  • Click on the delete button 'x' on the left of comparison instrument you want to remove.
  • The comparison instrument will disappear from the list. Click on close button to close the window.

The comparison will be removed and the prices on the chart re-based.