Offer of new Augmentum Fintech plc shares at 112 pence is Open for Acceptance

Augmentum Fintech plc is offering new shares at 112 pence per share in an Intermediaries Offer. iDealing has been appointed an Intermediary to the Offer. Clients based in the UK can read the prospectus, factsheet and Key Information Document (KID) and apply for shares in the offer in Standard, ISA, JISA and SIPP accounts. Minimum application at iDealing is £1120.00. The Offer is expected to close at 1pm on Monday 1st July. New shares are expected to be credited to client accounts on 4th July. Trading symbol: AUGM.
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*The offer may be closed earlier than the deadline date and time, or be extended til a later date, without notice.

A European securities brokerage, iDealing offers aggressively priced execution and custody services to individuals, companies, asset managers, and other brokerage firms.
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"And in December, the London based discount broker iDealing became the first brokerage in Europe to offer free stock trading."
-Investors Chronicle, 4 February 2016

For Individuals

For Individuals

Offering standard, ISA, JISA, SIPP and Margin accounts, iDealing lets you take control of all your financial portfolios with state-of-the-art trading platforms, streaming real-time market data, charts and analytics packages. Or if you'd rather someone else make the investment decisions for you, you can appoint a Financial Advisor or a Fund Manager.

For Financial Advisors

For Financial Advisors

Through our Third Party Authorisation systems, you can analyse and monitor your clients' accounts, appoint a fund manager, collect fees, issue reports to your clients, and more.

For Discretionary Brokers and Asset Managers

For Discretionary Brokers and
Asset Managers

iDealing's proprietary systems for Discretionary Brokers and Assets Managers allows you to effortlessly manage the portfolios of an unlimited number of clients. You make the buy and sell decisions, we take care of all the rest.