Death of a Client

What steps to follow during a difficult time:

1. Send us the original death certificate, or a certified copy of it, by post to our address for Registered Mail on our Contact Us page.
Please include your full name, address, and relationship to the deceased.

If you plan to apply for probate and need a Probate Valuation you may request one in the same letter. Please see Probate Valuation in our Services and Prices.

2. Apply for Probate
Probate is the legal right to deal with someone’s property, money and possessions (their ‘estate’) when they die. Only a person(s) who has obtained Probate may deal with the iDealing account.

You will need to apply to the courts for probate even if your are named as an executor in the Will of the deceased.

3. Send us the original Grant of Probate
Once we have received this original, we will be able to deal directly with the executors or other administrator legally nominated by the courts during the probate process.