Overview offers an interactive online chart application, which allows you to view historic daily charts as well as live streaming intra-day charts.

Viewing a Chart

To view the chart of an instrument:

  • Type the symbol or name into the symbol text box in the upper-left corner.
  • A popup will appear with a list of suggested instruments to select from.
  • Select the instrument that you would like to view.

The chart will begin loading and soon you should see the chart for the selected instrument.

You can select different chart options to control the chart viewing aspect. See below for more information.

Advanced Features

Explore the advanced features that our charts have to offer...

Chart Types

You can customise the way you view the chart by selecting different chart options...

Use the drop-down menu to select view a particular type of chart.

Line Charts

You can choose to view different chart types by selecting from the chart type drop-down menu.

OHLC Charts

The OHLC Charts illustrates the price movement, shows the opening, highest, lowest and the closing price for each time frame.

Min/Max Charts

The Min/Max Charts, are great for illustrating the historical behaviour of the bid/offer spread.


Vary the time frame of which the chart is viewed by selecting the different frequencies from the frequency drop-down menu. For example when you select '1 Min' each OHLC bar will represent a 1 minute period, and each bar will show you the opening, highest, lowest and the closing price for that minute. Select '1 Day' frequency to view daily charts which will show you the daily historic prices. All other intra-day tick frequencies will show you real-time streaming prices.

Data Type

You may select from available data types from the data type drop-down menu. Mid (Mid-Price), Bid/Offer, and Trade are examples of data types that may be available for a given security and time frame.

Chart Navigation

Zooming and Scrolling

Move the Zoom slider to the right to zoom in and to the left to zoom out.

To scroll to a particular section of time, move the slider at the bottom of the chart window to the right to go forward in time, and to the left to go back in time.


Crosshairs will appear when the mouse pointer is over the chart, and the crosshairs follow the mouse cursor. The price level of the horizontal hair is shown in the grey box on the price scale on the right. As you move the mouse cursor across the chart a red track ball follows the vertical hair where it intersects the price plot. The time and price at that position is displayed in the price legend at top of the chart below the chart title. In this example the price is 153.80 at 12 March 2008.

To turn on/off crosshairs:

  • Right click on any part of the chart. A menu will popup.
  • Check or uncheck the 'Show Cross Hairs' option.

Chart Colour

You can define custom colours to the chart and give the chart a different colour scheme.

To change the chart colours: