Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I forget my password?

Please see the 'Password Reset Procedures' under Account Operations.

I login and am authorised but cannot access certain parts of the site - what's wrong?

Please see the Technical Help page available from the main FAQs link.

Can I transfer stocks into my account rather than the required initial cash deposit?

Yes, as long as the value of the stocks to be transferred exceeds £1000, and they are eligible to be transferred.

I currently hold stocks with another broker. Can I transfer these to iDealing?

Yes! If you want to transfer holdings into your account, follow the procedures detailed in the Account Operations section of this web-site once you have received the account activation e-mail.

After selling shares through iDealing, can I immediately buy shares with the sale proceeds?

Yes you can. Immediately after you sell shares, your trading balances are adjusted and you may use the proceeds to make stock purchases.

What support does iDealing have if their site goes down?

iDealing offers a phone dealing line as well as maintaining a backup system. The iDealing web-site(s) availability and particular functionality may be temporarily unavailable where particular third party support systems fail or are interrupted. In these instances we will try to rectify the problem as quickly as possible and/or advise you accordingly.

If my PC breaks down, how do I access my account?

Unlike some other online brokers, you do not need any special software to access your iDealing account. This means that should your own PC be unavailable, you can login to your account from any PC that has Internet access; all you need are your Username and Password.

Does iDealing support limit orders / What order types are available?

iDealing supports many Order Types, including Limit, Stop, Stop-Limit, and OCOs. We call this our Contingent Order service. If you are interested in our service, please see the Contingent Orders Help section, or email for further information.

Can I have contract notes e-mailed to a second address? Can an e-mail address be added to send contract notes to my Compliance Department?

Yes, you can have contract notes sent to both a work and home e-mail address or have a copy sent to your employer if required for compliance purposes.
The second e-mail address can be entered while registering for an individual account, or, for existing account holders, can be updated via the 'Change User Settings' link found under the 'Administer Account' menu if logged in. To add a compliance department e-mail address to receive contract notes please e-mail

Why does iDealing need my bank account details?

iDealing records your bank account details to confirm that any funds transferred to your iDealing trading account originate from a bank account that you have registered with us. This check is performed to comply with UK anti-money laundering guidelines and other regulatory requirements. Providing your account details to iDealing does not authorise us to deduct money from your normal bank account.